Dads Needed

John Stossel

Warren Farrell was once considered a feminist leader. He hung around with Gloria Steinem and wrote about why men and women should break out of rigid old gender roles. But then, as he learned more, he started to disagree with parts of modern feminism. "I don't agree with the part of feminism that...

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Ensuring a safe summer

Willard Bay

Summer is meant to be a time for family, friends, fun and relaxing. However, as several recent events have shown, it also can quickly turn into a time of tragedy, which is why safety must be paramount in all outdoor activities. On Wednesday, authorities recovered the body of Weber School District...


Abortion and the Constitution

Star Parker

As we enter into what surely will be another contentious confirmation process for a new Supreme Court justice, let's consider underlying realities that deeply divide us and make it so hard to agree about how our Constitution should be interpreted and applied. The Declaration of Independence lays...


Healthy oceans need sharks

Being from Salt Lake City and wanting to be a marine biologist may seem strange, but the oceans always fascinated me. Although I ended up moving to New York to model, I still carry that passion with me. That’s why I support legislation that would help one of the ocean’s most important...

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In a community full of needs, how may we help?

Bob Hunter

The great Utah teacher, writer and humanitarian, Lowell L. Bennion, once wrote a book with the simple title, “How Can I Help?” He died in 1996, the year it was published. But those who knew him knew his life had been lived in thoroughly responding to that question — “How can...

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Grass not always greener on other side

California Drought-3

For customers in Farmington served by the Benchland Water District, it’s time to say goodbye to that lush lawn adorning your home that you spend hours watering each day, as keeping the grass green this summer could become very costly. The water district last week ordered strict watering...


The incredible shrinking Democratic Party

The plot of a 1957 movie was that a man discovered he was shrinking because of some mysterious atomic force. We have a similar event happening today in American politics, the Democratic Party is shrinking not so much in the number of registered voters as in those who can believe in what their...


America at 242: A Nation of Self-Imposed Segregation


A recent editorial cartoon by artist Gary Varvel features what appears to be a biracial couple at the maitre d' podium at an upscale restaurant. The pompous-looking greeter's line has stuck in my mind ever since I saw the cartoon in my local newspaper: "Dinner for two ... liberal or conservative...


When Abortion Becomes a Sacrament

Ben Shapiro

This week, amid widespread Democratic tumult regarding the selection of a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, alleged comedian Michelle Wolf paid tribute to the most important facet of American life: abortion. On her Netflix show on Sunday, Wolf dressed up in red, white and blue,...


Is a Trump court in the making?

Patrick Buchanan

If Mitch McConnell's Senate can confirm his new nominee for the Supreme Court, D.C. federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump may have completed the capture of all three branches of the U.S. government for the Republican Party. Not bad for a rookie. And the lamentations on the left are...

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